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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you able to work with unions?

Yes, we are signatory to several unions throughout Indiana and the Chicago area.

Can you help me oversee and manage my new construction project?

Absolutely, with our New Construction Management contract, we will manage the schedule, budget, labor, risk management, and site logistics on your behalf.

Can you help me supplement my workforce?

Yes, we have internal resources that can help, but we can also match you with the right Prime or Sub-Contractor and manage labor for your project.

Can you help us decipher building codes?

Yes, Tonn and Blank associates not only understand current codes throughout the Midwest region, they also follow the trends closely so they can proactive when code changes emerge.

Can you help us find cost efficient solutions for our new construction project?

At Tonn and Blank we offer something called Value Engineering. This means working together to find the best building solution for you with the most cost efficiency. Our vast knowledge and experience with a broad range of options will help you get the most bang for your buck. We don't believe you must cut corners to find cost efficiency; you just need to work a little harder to find the right solution.

Can you help us make our construction greener?

Yes, at Tonn and Blank we are striving to find green solutions and are expanding our expertise in this area all the time to bring green solutions and building practices to the Midwest.

Can you help us to prepare for a building inspection?

Yes, by conducting a preliminary or pre-inspection comparable to any you would receive throughout the Midwest, we can prepare you for what a building inspector may find that could cause issues or delays.

Can you manage a project schedule?

We have a deep bench of project specialists, all of whom have experience coordinating schedules and timelines. And, in addition to the construction schedule, we can also manage other appointments such as furniture move-ins, equipment deliveries, etc.

Can you provide a second opinion on our building inspection?

Yes, we can conduct a thorough building inspection comparable to any you would receive throughout the Midwest, as well as provide you with further documentation and solutions for any issues we uncover and compare results with your previous inspection.

Can you tackle a new construction project from beginning to end?

Yes, we can handle your new construction project from inception to ongoing maintenance. We will partner with you on a Design/Build plan and work together to ensure a successful opening day.

Can you work within the local community to help us build in our desired location?

We understand our community (the Midwest including Indiana and Chicagoland area) and can help you to make the case for your desired location. We have zoning experts on hand to help you navigate those sometimes murky waters of site selection. We are capable of working with the local county and state officials to help with site selections in the area you wish to build.

Do you have experts that can help us or do you outsource?

We have both an expansive and experienced internal team and strong relationships with the best in the business all over the Midwest. No matter what your new construction project requires, Tonn and Blank can help.

Do you offer a flat/firm rate for general contracting projects?

Yes, we are capable of providing a fixed price for any project throughout the Midwest.

Do you only build hospitals?

No, we can build anything you dream up! Over the years we have erected some of the most cutting edge healthcare facilities in the Midwest, but we have applied this same expertise to retail centers, industrial buildings, office complexes, even bridges.

Do you only work on commercial projects?

Yes. We are 100% focused on the commercial sector. Since commercial projects are our primary focus, we have deep knowledge to share and understand the business needs and requirements you have regarding location and the structure itself.

Do you take on renovation projects or do you only consider new construction?

We take on commercial renovation projects all the time throughout the Midwest, often for past clients that would like to update existing structures we built years ago.

How do I get started?

Contact us now to learn more about all that Tonn and Blank Construction can do to help with your new construction project in Indiana or Chicagoland.

How large is your company?

Tonn and Blank is a large construction firm with over 300 permanent employees who work out of our Michigan City and Indianapolis offices and work sites.

How long have you been in business?

Tonn and Blank has been in existence for a long time. Opened in 1922, Tonn and Blank is a long-established construction firm in the Midwest, building projects throughout Indiana and Chicagoland during its many years of business. Tonn and Blank recently received the prestigious Governor's Half Century Award for its leading business practices and community investments.

Is there a minimum or maximum cost to work with you?

No, there is no commercial job too small or too large for us. As your partner in new construction, we want to assist in any project, regardless of size or cost.

What is the most high-profile project you have worked on?

Many of the projects we tackle are high-profile in nature. No matter what you are building in the Midwest–medical facilities, university expansions, bridges, or major retail centers–Tonn and Blank takes on every construction project with the same care and attention.

What maintenance services do you provide after a construction project is complete?

We will have an ongoing partnership long after the project is complete. We will continue to support you with new solutions as codes change, systems age, and your business grows and needs change.

What projects have you worked on?

We have worked on some of the most prestigious construction projects in Indiana and the Midwest. Visit our case studies and featured projects sections to learn more.

Where are you located?

Tonn and Blank is headquartered in Michigan City, Indiana, with a large satellite office in Indianapolis. We work all over the Midwest in Indiana and Illinois, including the Chicagoland area - just look for our yellow trucks!